Everything you need to know about QR code payments


If there’s one essential item people rarely leave home without, it’s their mobile phone. We’ve all experienced the panic of forgetting keys or wallets, leaving us stranded at the shops. But now, all you need is your cell phone—no purse, wallet, or bank card required.

The world of payments has evolved significantly, moving beyond checkbooks and manual credit card machines. We now have contactless, secure payments through QR code scanning between customers’ mobile devices and vendors’ points of sale.

In South Africa, Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe enables cashless transactions by simply scanning the displayed QR code, which functions like a barcode, making the process seamless.

With Scan to Pay, once customers have entered their payment details into the app, all payments are protected using their bank card PIN or 3D Secure. The QR code contains all the necessary transaction information, and your payment details are never shared with the merchant, ensuring enhanced security.

The widespread adoption of digital payment methods has led to a surge in QR code usage, alongside other options like tapping and card insertion. Vendors can create their own QR codes and display them at the point of sale. Additionally, QR codes can be programmed to provide dynamic information, such as accessing a restaurant menu or facilitating online checkout. They are also incorporated into invoices, expediting payment processes, and are convenient for deliveries or post-service payments.

QR codes benefit both customers and businesses. They are accurate, fast, secure, and contactless. They offer a superior checkout experience for customers and enable instant payment for vendors without requiring additional point-of-sale devices.

Scan to Pay QR payment, is available through major banking apps in South Africa, and the app can be downloaded on mobile devices. Whenever you see the Scan to Pay sign.

Technology is truly revolutionizing the payments landscape.

by Paul Selibas, Division President at Ukheshe

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