Safaricom Launches Pay with Data Balance Service


Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications operator, has unveiled a new service that allows customers to make payments for goods and services using their internet data balance.

With a minimum of 5GB data from both postpaid and prepaid customers, this innovative feature opens up a convenient way for users to make purchases.

Making Payments with Ease

Dubbed “Lipa na Data,” this feature enables subscribers to buy items at shops by utilizing their Paybill or till numbers. Accessing the latter is as simple as dialing the shortcode 54434#.

Upon dialing the shortcode, ineligible users will receive an error message, while qualifying users will be presented with a menu of four options.

Streamlined Menu and Bundle Calculator

The menu options available to users include Buy Goods, Pay Bill, Bundle Calculator, and View Bundle Balance. The Bundle Calculator tool displays the cost of the bill in Kenyan Shillings alongside its data bundle equivalent, providing transparency and clarity.

For instance, a bill worth Sh500 translates to approximately 7.7GB of data, while a charge of Sh2,000 is equivalent to 30GB.

Users can then accept or decline the payment request based on their preference. The View Bundle Balance option allows users to check if they have a sufficient balance for the transaction.

This new feature adds to Safaricom’s repertoire of innovative digital payment methods, further solidifying its position as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Continued Innovation and Network Coverage Expansion

In addition to the “Lipa na Data” service, Safaricom continues to pioneer various payment solutions that cater to its customers’ diverse needs.

These include the renowned M-Pesa mobile money service and Fuliza, which allows qualified users with insufficient funds to pay for goods and services through an overdraft.

Moreover, Safaricom’s Lipa na Bonga offer enables subscribers to offset cash bills using loyalty points.

Alongside its commitment to payment innovation, Safaricom has also made substantial strides in enhancing network coverage throughout Kenya. The highly anticipated 5G network was recently introduced, significantly improving connectivity across the African continent.

As of April this year, Safaricom’s 5G network was officially rolled out in 21 of Kenya’s counties, demonstrating the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the region.

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