Dr. Juliet Ehimuan Bids Farewell to Google West Africa


Dr. Juliet Ehimuan, a prominent figure in the tech industry, has announced her departure from Google West Africa.

With her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, Dr. Ehimuan played a pivotal role in shaping Google’s presence and impact in the region.

Dr. Ehimuan’s impact as Country Manager for Google Nigeria, will leave a lasting legacy. Joining Google in 2011,  her tenure witnessed significant growth and advancements in Google’s operations in West Africa.

Under her guidance, Google launched various initiatives, like the Google for Nigeria event, aimed at empowering local businesses and fostering innovation across the region.

Dr. Ehimuan’s relentless pursuit of bridging the digital divide and her dedication to empowering individuals and businesses through technology were instrumental in driving positive change.

Beyond her role at Google, Dr. Ehimuan has been an influential voice in the tech community, advocating for diversity and inclusion. She actively supported initiatives that aimed to close the gender gap in STEM fields and inspired many aspiring professionals to pursue careers in technology.

As Dr. Juliet Ehimuan bids farewell to Google West Africa, her impact and legacy will continue to reverberate throughout the tech industry. Her visionary leadership, passion for innovation, and commitment to empowering individuals and businesses have set a high bar for future leaders to follow.

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