Ayoba and Adanian Labs Launch Accelerator Program to Empower Nigerian Businesses


Nigeria| Ayoba is thrilled to partner with Adanian Labs, revolutionizing communication, entertainment, and e-commerce in Africa.

The companies have partnered to launch an SME Accelerator program, empowering and expediting small business growth in Nigeria. This initiative supports Nigerian SMEs’ role in driving economic growth and job creation at a crucial time.

The SME Accelerator addresses challenges like limited capital, technology, market access, and mentorship faced by small businesses. The program is specifically designed to foster innovation, enhance competitiveness, drive growth, and create sustainable employment opportunities.

Ayoba and Adanian Labs’ partnership combines comprehensive app features with technology solutions expertise for enhanced communication, entertainment, and e-commerce. By leveraging these capabilities, the SME Accelerator program will provide Nigerian SMEs with crucial resources, such as digitalization, mentorship, access to networks, technological support, and facilitation of funding partnerships, enabling them to overcome barriers and achieve sustainable growth.

The accelerator equips Nigerian SMEs with tailored mentorship, funding opportunities, and technological resources for thriving in the digital age.

The program officially launches on Monday, 10th July, and businesses will have two weeks to apply. Adanian Labs will announce the top 20 businesses, and interested applicants can submit their applications through the Adanian Labs website.

Recent statistics reveal SMEs in Africa comprise over 90% of businesses, contributing 50% of employment and 33% of the continent’s GDP. In Nigeria alone, SMEs represent about 96% of businesses, employing millions of people and serving as drivers of innovation and economic progress.

Shiela Yabo, Ayoba’s Head of Ecosystem Development, expressed the significant potential impact of empowering Nigerian SMEs. Strengthening this sector accelerates economic growth, boosts job opportunities, enhances competitiveness, fosters entrepreneurship, drives innovation, and improves Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape.

“We are excited to partner with Adanian Labs in launching the SME Accelerator, a pivotal initiative that will empower Nigerian small businesses,” added Yabo. “Through this collaboration, we aim to unlock the potential of Nigerian SMEs, driving economic prosperity and creating opportunities for sustainable development.”

Killian Mayua, Country Manager for Adanian Labs, Nigeria, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration.  Adanian Labs firmly believes that Africa will realize its full potential once its SME sector undergoes a transformation. Their collaboration supports SME growth, economic resilience, and overall development in this important sector.

Ayoba and Adanian Labs’ partnership, through the SME Accelerator, marks a significant milestone in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic empowerment. This positions Nigeria as a hub for SME growth and development.

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