Propel Secures €2.5 Million in Funding to Drive Growth and Support Tech Talent Communities


Propel, an African startup headquartered in Berlin, has successfully raised €2.5 million in seed funding. As a provider of last-mile infrastructure for tech talent communities, Propel is focused on driving growth and supporting the needs of these communities. The funding round was led by Dutch venture capital firm No Such Ventures, with participation from APX, a joint venture of Axel Springer and Porsche, as well as Golden Egg Check and the Future of Learning Fund.

Founded with a vision to address the challenges faced by tech talent communities, Propel offers an all-in-one platform that empowers developer groups, talent incubators, training schools, and other communities to support the growth of their members. By connecting them with suitable job opportunities, providing access to financial services like loans, and offering additional benefits, Propel enables these communities to drive the advancement of their members and generate revenues through collaboration.

To date, Propel has successfully established partnerships with over 100 tech communities across Europe and North America, serving a membership base of over half a million individuals. These communities include Ingressive for Good, SheCodeAfrica, Niyo Network, Datafest, Angular Kenya, People In Product, Friends of Figma, Google Developer Groups, and many more. Comprising software developers, data professionals, product designers, and digital professionals who share common career aspirations, these tech communities are instrumental in providing training, mentorship, upskilling, and promoting inclusivity within the tech industry.

Speaking on the rationale behind this community-powered business model, Sunkanmi Ola, Co-founder and CEO of Propel shared… “Tech communities in high-growth markets like Africa have emerged to bridge gaps in education, capacity building, and inclusion. They nurture talent, organize events, and respond swiftly to global trends. However, they face challenges in solving last mile problems and achieving financial sustainability while making a meaningful impact. Propel provides a simplified platform that empowers communities to address these challenges and drive the growth of millions of individuals. Our vision is an empowered Africa that can solve the world’s tech problems, and we believe we’re on the right course to achieve that.”

We believe in Propel’s vision and its potential to reshape the tech talent economy,” stated Sophie Heijenberg, investor at NoSuchVentures. “Their community-focused approach, combined with their deep understanding of the needs of tech professionals, sets them apart in the market. We are excited to partner with Propel on their journey to revolutionize the industry.”

“At Propel, we’re championing more responsible and regenerative ways of hiring and building talent pipelines. Rather than deploying opportunistic practices like headhunting or poaching, we participate deeply in ecosystems, using proprietary technology to find the best talent within communities. And when we place people in jobs, our revenue is shared with the community they belong to – which is reinvested into programs and initiatives needed to get more people into tech. In summary, Propel is where ambitious companies come to find the talent that is just right for their needs and crowd-solve tech challenges while doing good at the same time.” said Seun Owolabi, Co-founder and Head of Strategy.

Propel’s Community-as-a-Service platform distinguishes itself from traditional talent-matching platforms by offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere talent placement. Through its innovative approach, Propel aims to deliver and capture value at various stages in the career journey of tech professionals. By leveraging technology advancements and data-driven decision-making, Propel strives to make intelligent matching decisions for companies on a global scale.

With the recent funding secured, Propel is set to expand its platform capabilities, grow its user base, and establish itself as a leader in the tech talent ecosystem. By transforming the way tech professionals access work opportunities, financial services, and lifestyle benefits, Propel aims to empower millions of individuals and unlock new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

About Propel:

Propel is the leading provider of last-mile infrastructure for tech talent communities. The company offers a comprehensive Community-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform that empowers tech talent communities by addressing their last-mile challenges. By providing access to work, embedded financial services, and various perks and benefits, Propel aims to create an integrated and seamless experience for tech talent. Through its partnerships with tech communities across Europe and North America, Propel is driving the growth of sustainable talent pipelines and redefining the future of work.

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