Vuma and Huawei Launch Industry’s First 50G PON in South Africa


Vuma and Huawei have partnered to launch the industry’s first 50G PON technology in South Africa.

This collaboration introduces significantly higher upload and download speeds, meeting the rising demand for faster, more reliable connectivity.

“Vuma’s investment in the testing and rollout of the new Huawei PON technology is future-proofing our network, which will allow us to enable much more capacity over the last mile fibre and increase speeds as our customers require – approximately 20 times faster than the current capabilities deployed,” says Francois Swart, Chief Technology Officer at Vuma.

At the Huawei Eco-Connect sub-Saharan Africa 2023 launch event, Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, emphasizes the transformative impact of fiber broadband on innovation and employment, acknowledging the challenge and opportunity of increasing penetration rates.

Philly Mapulane, Deputy Minister of the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, stresses the importance of bridging the digital divide and creating a digitally inclusive society, with telecommunications companies like Vuma playing a crucial role. Kim Jin, VP of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, expresses pride in launching the best available technology in Africa with Vuma, emphasizing shared values of innovation and empowerment through connectivity.

The partnership aims to enhance connectivity access for all South Africans and bridge the gap in accessing high-quality digital services.

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