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In the digital era, providing exceptional customer experience has become the cornerstone of business success. Businesses have realized that by focusing on improving customer satisfaction and promoting growth they can build strong customer loyalty. Technology companies are taking the lead in this, forming partnerships with various industries to bring about innovative changes. They believe that by working with these partners they can revolutionize the way products and services are provided, exceeding customer expectations.

Peter Malebye, Chief of Sales at Vodacom Business unpacks the company’s focus on core measures, customer experience, and the exciting partnerships being built throughout the African continent.

The Wi-Taxi Initiative

Vodacom’s partnership with Toyota and Netstar has led to the launch of the “taxi of the future”. The Wi-Taxi partnership aims to provide taxi commuters across the country with a free in-taxi connectivity service. Vodacom and Netstar have a longstanding relationship that had initially focused on machine-to-machine connectivity.

The collaboration led to the development of a Wi-Fi module for in-vehicle tracking devices. Toyota, a global leader in connected car concepts, saw an opportunity to integrate the module into its new vehicles so passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi during their journeys.

Malebye explains that this partnership aligns with Vodacom Business’s objective to connect all people in South Africa. It is also a crucial step towards closing the digital divide by providing greater connectivity and leveraging digital technology for a larger audience.

The onboard Wi-Fi also helps ensure passenger and driver safety, Malebye adds. The in-transit connectivity addresses safety concerns for taxi owners, drivers, and commuters as the platform helps in mapping out road hazards such as potholes, traffic, and accidents, while also ensuring route adherence and optimization.”

The initiative has gained momentum, with the initial target being to activate more than 4,500 taxis. Vodacom is focusing on adoption, positive user experience, and bringing more associations and taxis on board. With the technology infrastructure already in place to support connectivity, commuters can connect seamlessly to the free Wi-Fi through the WiTaxi app. The service is safe and free to users, who get up to 1GB of uninterrupted Wi-Fi per ride, per day.

In line with our purpose of connecting everyone for a better future, Vodacom also plans to introduce a reward system linked to this network through the VodaPay super app. Commuters will have access to a rich network of content and the convenience of cashless transactions. They’ll also be able to shop while commuting and be rewarded for it.

Enhancing customer experience: South Africa and beyond

Vodacom believes that providing a good experience to customers is crucial. We have a strategy that involves making sure everyone on our team is working together and using specific methods to make sure customers are happy. “It’s vital that we equip our sales teams with the correct tools and skills for them to win,” says Malebye. “Given that we’re running a multitude of solutions, they need the tools to sell successfully in this new, digital world, where you’re not just selling single-solution products.”

Vodacom wants to provide the best service and support to our customers. To do this, we carefully curate our offers and work closely with our technology and business teams. We also work hard to understand what our customers want and need to meet their expectations.

 While Malebye’s role is focused primarily on South Africa, Vodacom serves multinational clients and has a presence in multiple countries. “The sales team is the first point of contact for customers to interact with the Vodacom brand,” says Malebye. “That is why it’s important to provide them with the right tools and training so they can effectively communicate the value of Vodacom’s products and services to potential customers.

At Vodacom Business our system of advantage empowers and enables people in business to break boundaries and to foster progress. This is in line with our Turn To Us approach, where we call businesses of all sizes, state-owned enterprises, and government departments to collaborate with Vodacom Business, to help them solve their challenges.

By Peter Malebye, Chief of Sales at Vodacom Business


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