Netcore Cloud’s Expanding Footprint, Navigating Future Aspirations in South Africa


In the fast-paced world of marketing technology, where digital channels and customer engagement are paramount, businesses seek innovative solutions to reach their target audience effectively, drive brand awareness, and generate leads and sales. In South Africa, one man is leading the charge to empower businesses with the right tools and strategies for growth marketing. Meet Rakesh Acharya, the Business Manager for Netcore Cloud in South Africa.

Rakesh Acharya holds a Master’s in Marketing from the prestigious University of Dundee, Scotland. His expertise and in-depth understanding of the martech ecosystem have positioned him as a driving force behind Netcore Cloud’s success in Africa. With his vision for Netcore Cloud in South Africa, Rakesh aims to empower businesses, regardless of their size or industry, to leverage the power of digital marketing and technology to achieve their growth marketing objectives.

“Our vision at Netcore Cloud is to create a future where South African brands can grow and adjust by embracing the advancements in retention marketing, thereby providing their customers with meaningful and influential marketing experiences,” says Rakesh.

Netcore Cloud’s Journey in Africa

Netcore Cloud’s journey in Africa has been nothing short of impressive. Over the last 2.5 years, the company has established a strong regional presence and added numerous premium brands to its portfolio. Notable South African brands such as Planet Fitness, Bogart Man,, Mothercity Liquor, Hertoel, and Chepa Streetwear benefit from Netcore Cloud’s innovative solutions.

“Remarkable accomplishments and ongoing expansion have characterized our journey in South Africa. We are in an excellent position to leverage the tremendous opportunities the South African market presents,” states Rakesh.

The Martech Landscape in South Africa

The martech market in South Africa presents a myriad of opportunities and challenges. Rakesh Acharya provides valuable insights into the dynamics of this ever-evolving landscape:

Growing Retail and E-Commerce Landscape: South Africa’s digital marketing landscape is experiencing rapid expansion, with increased ecommerce and retail brands. This presents a golden opportunity for marketers to leverage innovative marketing technologies and strategies to reach and engage a larger audience across various digital touchpoints.

Mobile-First Market: South Africa’s high mobile penetration rate makes it a mobile-first market, allowing marketers to leverage mobile marketing technologies such as app experiences, WhatsApp, and geo-targeting to reach consumers effectively.

Data-Driven Marketing: With advanced analytics tools and increasing data availability, businesses can adopt data-driven marketing strategies. By harnessing marketing technologies that enable data collection, analysis, and personalization, companies can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, leading to more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Localization and Cultural Sensitivity: South Africa’s rich diversity of languages and cultures demands marketers to consider localization and cultural sensitivity when implementing marketing technologies. Customizing campaigns and messages to resonate with target audiences can enhance customer engagement and improve campaign performance.

Netcore Cloud’s Impact on Businesses in Africa

The impact of Netcore Cloud’s solutions on businesses in Africa is exemplified through a few remarkable case studies:

Wakanow, a prominent travel and tour company, sought to increase conversions and engage identified and anonymous online customers. By leveraging Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered Customer Engagement solutions, Wakanow achieved remarkable results. The implementation of Segmentation, Web Messages, Browser Push Notifications, and Automated Journeys led to a 200% increase in monthly revenue, a 5.8x increase in customer engagement, a 37% surge in incoming web traffic, a 67% increase in BPN subscribers, and a significant 13% increase in bookings.

Fidelity Bank, one of Nigeria’s top 10 full-fledged commercial banks, experienced tremendous success by scaling up emailing efforts, achieving a remarkable 186% growth. With Netcore Cloud’s Email API Solution, Fidelity Bank increased deliverability to an impressive 96% while reducing spam to an astonishingly low rate of 0.003%.

These success stories underline the value that Netcore Cloud brings to its partners. Alero Ladipo, Head of Digital Marketing at Old Mutual Limited, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “As a business, we really needed to be targeted in our customer engagements. The world had moved away from a generalist approach in digital we needed to understand and build our insights on customer behavior, continuous improvement, and continuous growth. Netcore is our Partner in continuous improvement, taking us to the next level of engagement.”

Netcore Cloud’s Vision for the Future in Africa

Looking ahead, Rakesh Acharya envisions a bright future for Netcore Cloud in Africa. The company plans to deliver hyper-personalization using the power of AI and reinvent customer journeys at every touchpoint. Exciting projects with world-class South African ecommerce, retail, and QSR brands are on the horizon.

“Our mission is to assist brands in delivering tailored content and products to the appropriate customers, precisely when they need them and through their preferred communication channel. We are dedicated to leading the industry in providing exceptional customer journeys,” affirms Rakesh.

Netcore Cloud’s expanding footprint in South Africa, guided by Rakesh Acharya’s vision and expertise, demonstrates its commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge marketing technologies and strategies. As the marketing technology landscape continues to evolve, Netcore Cloud remains poised to navigate the future aspirations of businesses in South Africa and beyond, enabling them to achieve their growth marketing objectives in an ever-changing digital world.

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