Guerilla Africa and Foxtrot’s Historic Partnership Unveils User-Generated Event


The MNet Disrupt Showcase, a visionary creation by Guerilla Africa fueled by the remarkable integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, has brought forth a significant revolution in the manner in which audiences engage with MNet’s content. The combined proficiency and innovative prowess of these agencies have effectively metamorphosed the entertainment landscape within the country.

A pivotal highlight of this occasion was the exclusive QR 2.0 code software developed by Foxtrot, a software that played a central role in enriching the customer experience. Attendees could effortlessly scan vividly branded QR codes, gaining access to an extensive array of interactive features. This enabled them to dynamically modify event themes, lighting, music, and visuals throughout the venue, all in real-time synchronization.

Cam Naidoo, the Director of Guerilla Africa and a co-founder of Foxtrot Agency, conveyed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking endeavor, remarking, “This achievement establishes an entirely new standard for live experiences, encapsulating the authentic essence of surprise, trend-consciousness, and forward-looking ethos synonymous with M-Net and its content.”

The thematic elements experienced a continuous evolution, guided by the audience’s preferences. Attendees were presented with a selection ranging from Reyka to Shaka, and beyond, thus making their interaction with the content a guiding force throughout the showcase. These AI-driven solutions, accessible through digital and assisted touchpoints, not only elevated the event experience but also streamlined operational efficiencies.

“In fusing marketing intelligence with business acumen, we persistently pioneer advanced consumer engagement solutions for both local and global brands and enterprises,” articulated Naidoo.

Guerilla Africa and the Foxtrot agency, collectively known as the ‘Imagine More’ team, have consistently showcased their expertise in designing and cultivating world-class entertainment. In so doing, they have solidified their standing as trailblazers in harmonizing creativity with technology, leading the evolution of the advertising industry.

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