Top 10 Nigerian Fintech Payment Applications


Fintech applications have emerged as transformative tools that offer manifold benefits to businesses across industries. Fintech is the mergence of technology and finance that once combined have the ability to streamline financial processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Fintech applications also enable businesses to expand their global reach through facilitating cross-border transactions and currency conversions, boosting international trade. The applications also provide data-driven insights, enabling informed decision-making through advanced analytics and reporting features.

These modern features empower businesses to tailor strategies, improve customer experiences, optimize operations, and offer alternative funding avenues allowing businesses access to capital.

A study by shows that Africa’s e-commerce should grow rapidly by 2026 which is forecast to have the most significant number of digital buyers growth worldwide. The continent with a population of 1.3 billion people is already the most significant mobile-driven region worldwide, with an 83% penetration of mobile users.

From the African continent, Nigeria has shown significant growth and future projections look promising. According to Statista the number of Digital Payment users is expected to rise to 146.10m  by 2027.

Nigerian Fintech have surfaced as pioneering contenders in Nigeria’s financial services arena. There are several company’s delivering financial products and services that have significantly contributed towards the evolution and growth of businesses. Here are 10 of the top Nigerian Fintech Applications

Here are the top ten fintech apps in Nigeria, based on the number of times they’ve been downloaded:

1. Opay:

Downloads: 10 million plus

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 388,000

Opay, Opera’s Africa fintech startup officially launched its mobile money platform in 2018. The popularity of its internet search engine in Africa. OPay’s mobile money service gives users the ability to pay for utilities, make P2P transfers, and save. Users can also access the apps offline banking service and users without smartphones can continue to make transactions.

2. FairMoney:

Downloads: 10 million plus

Rating: 3.1

Reviews: 585,000

FairMoney operates as a digital bank that focuses on providing lending services. This company offers swift loans, and extends up to a maximum of one million naira, in addition to a bank account and a debit card. With an impressive track record, FairMoney handles an excess of 10,000 loan transactions daily, at a rate of one, in every eight seconds.

3. PalmPay:

Downloads: 10 million plus

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 530,000

Palmpay was officially introduced to Nigerian users in 2019 is a leading Pan-African digital wallet that also operates in Ghana and several other African countries. As of February this year the app has surpassed 5 million downloads.

The app develops secure, digital payment experience throughout Africa in an effort to promote financial inclusion and enhance consumer experiences. The company improves users’ digital payment experiences by offering financial account creation, money transfers, bill payments, and instant access to credit services.

4. Kuda:

Downloads: 5 million plus

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 247,000

Users of the Kuda app will enjoy cashless payment options and can earn interest on savings. Kuda possesses a legitimate banking license from the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) to carry out online financial operations. The app is specifically configured for smartphone users. Through the app users can monitor accounts, and is free from inter-bank transfers within Nigeria. The app also provides loan services to customers.

5. JumiaPay:

Downloads: 5 million plus

Rating: 3.9

Reviews: 136,000

JumiaPay is a highly sercure All-in-One banking and lifestyle app that enables users to recharge their phone, pay utility bills, make hotel reservations, book a ride, order food and many other services. It also offers the option to save with every transaction that is made using the app.

6. Palmcredit:

Downloads: 5 million plus

Rating: 4.2

Reviews: 163,000

Palmcredit is considered to be Nigeria’s no.1 Fintech service for making online loans. It is a virtual credit card that makes it easy for anyone to make a loan, at anytime, anywhere. Palmcredit offers loans of up to ₦100,000 within minutes on your mobile phone.

7. OKash:

Downloads: 5 million plus

Rating: 4.2

Reviews: 163,000

Okash is a swift online lending platform that caters to Nigerian mobile users, under the management of Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited. The app is accessible 24/7 through a fully online approach. The app is simplified into a few concise stages, requires minimal documentation, and the sanctioned loan sum is swiftly dispatched to the users bank account.

8. Carbon:

Downloads: 1 million plus

Rating: 4.4

Reviews: 148,000

Apart from typical digital banking services, Carbon offers lending services and investment prospects. Accounts are equipped for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, bill settlements, and mobile top-ups.

9. Piggvest:

Downloads: 1 million plus

Rating: 4.2

Reviews: 42,200

PiggyVest provides users with tools for saving and investing but does not offer a fully comprehensive banking services. However, the app does offer several savings alternatives which include fixed, flexible, and goal driven options, in addition to other automated features. Furthermore, PiggyVest provides pre-screened, moderate-risk primary and secondary investment paths spanning 6-12 months. It is worth noting that the younger Nigerian demographic in Nigeria have embraced the app.

10. Paga:

Downloads: 1 million plus

Rating: 4.2

Reviews: 15,200

Paga, a mobile money solution offers users services like transfers, bill payments, top-ups, and even remittance services. With over 17 million users it is accessible to the unbanked and offline users through a mobile money agent network.


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