You Can Now Split Bills On Uber Eats

Uber announced on Wednesday that customers will now be able to split the bill when making a group order on their food delivery app, Uber Eats.

It will be the first time ever since any app that offers delivery services does this. According to The Verge, Uber Eats will still give you the option to pay for the entire bill, however, you will also be able to set spending limits to make sure no one goes above the budget or orders the most expensive food on the menu.

Uber says once everyone has placed their individual order the items will be placed into a group cart and be available for the host to check out. All the food gets delivered exactly the same time.

There is also a deadline feature that the host can set to make sure that everyone gets the order in on time. The deadline can be set up to seven days. The host also doesn’t have to bug people asking them to place their order. The Uber Eats app will send reminders to everyone so that they don’t forget to place their order.

Uber Eats now lets you set a deadline for a group order. Image sourced from Uber.

How to place a group order on Uber Eats:

  • You can either use the Uber Eats app or
  • Pick the restaurant you want to order from
  • Select “Group order” in the app or “Start group order” on
  • You can edit the details of the group order if want, such as the delivery address, optional deadline for everyone, and the spending limit. You can even choose to pay for the whole order or split the bill.
  • Select “Invite guests” and then you will receive a link you send to everyone you want to include in the order.
  • Add your own items
  • Select “View Order” and go to “Check Out”
  • Once the order is ready you can select ” Lock order” so that no one can edit or add any more items. You can always go back if it’s not ready.
  • Review the delivery details and select “Next”
  • Finally, select “Place group order” and you’re done.

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