Digital Transformation in South Africa – The Future is Bright for Healthcare Innovation


The last two years have awakened many people across the globe to the benefits of digitization, with the pandemic effectively working as an accelerant growing the importance of the digital transformation of the healthcare industry in particular.

It makes sense that healthcare continues to be one of the most continuously evolving industries in the world. No longer are doctors prescribing broad-spectrum medicines to treat generic illnesses. Nowadays, and especially after the pandemic of the last two years, we are entering a time of personalised medicines and m-health (mobile health), a time of telehealth and robot surgeons, and along with this we are seeing the rise of consumer-focused digital pharmacies, pharmacies that are allowing patients to access healthcare virtually and order medication online.

Indeed, for South Africa is currently seeing a surge in e-commerce. People have taken away the convenience of shopping at home from the days in the early months of lockdown when they simply could not travel. It is no wonder why healthcare sectors and pharmacies in particular are rushing to adopt e-commerce models. These systems of quick and convenient dispensation of medicines are a boon for individuals who require chronic medicines but struggle with travel, with long waiting queues and with congestion in public healthcare facilities.

South Africa continues to see a strong emphasis on how digital innovations and tech enterprises can solve complex socio-economic issues on the macro scale. These digital solutions have the unique ability to bring products and services to Africans, bypassing the continent’s lack of physical infrastructure, which continues to constrain development.

When it comes to healthtech, these digital solutions have the promise of transforming lives for the better.

“We’re seeing a range of innovations in areas such as medical practice management, patient healthcare records, telehealth and remote healthcare, as well as low cost but high functioning medical devices. The future looks incredibly bright for African healthtech innovation,” says Sheraan Amod, CEO and Co-Founder of RecoMed, one of South Africa’s largest online healthcare marketplaces.

Digital Transformation: A Key to Success in the Hyper-Modern World

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By Staff Writer.

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