Utopia Against Censorship: Rescue Pill for Freedom Seekers


Censorship in media, both the traditional and social variety, functions as a tool to influence and manipulate entire populations, and, consequently, violates human rights. Let’s review the problem and propose a solution.

The Problem as it is

Though the direct censorship of the Internet is prohibited by law, for instance, by the First Amendment, numerous messengers, and media sources suspend publications that contradict their “community standards”, and ban users who express “extreme” opinions. Such instances occur on the global web daily. As a result, people lack opportunities to express themselves, share their views, and find like-minded fellows.

However, we believe that the Internet can be made free. That’s why we designed Utopia Web 3.0, a mesh network that guarantees anonymity, security, and confidentiality without any censorship.

Utopia Web 3.0 in a Nutshell

Utopia Web 3.0 works as a mesh network with all the users’ information kept on their personal devices instead of centralized servers. Thus, Utopia can’t be blocked as long as just one of its nodes is online. All traffic within Utopia is transmitted in encrypted form with AES-256 standards applied. As a result, data packets cannot be stolen and decrypted, Utopia security cannot be compromised.

Main Features of Utopia Web 3.0

Utopia is more than simply a private web surfing or messaging tool. It’s an ecosystem with numerous functions to benefit from. Let’s check them out.

Anonymous Web Browser

Idyll Browser is a completely anonymous web browser that doesn’t store users’ IP addresses, collect cookies, or track locations and other personal data. Meanwhile, it opens up access to websites that ordinary browsers may block.

Private Messenger

uMessenger is Utopia’s mesh messenger created for instant text, voice, and file data exchange. Here one can make the most of private and public channels and groups, emojis, stickers, etc. Additionally, users who want to maximize their confidentiality can change their voices when sending voice messages.

Secure Email

Another useful feature of Utopia is uMail, an anonymous alternative to standard email services. One can send media, documents, and regular text messages without worrying about their safety. It doesn’t require any personal data, has a friendly interface, and saves users from spam and cyberattacks.

The Power of Crypton

With the help of Utopia, users can make anonymous transactions in the ecosystem’s internal cryptocurrency, Crypton, that can’t be changed, traced or reversed. Noteworthy; one can easily exchange the currency via CRP.is, an anonymous cryptocurrency exchange with excellent rates, a pleasant interface, and a community chat feature.

API for Developers

Developers can use the Utopia API and provide all their clients with complete anonymity, and confidentiality, and the features are available to all users of the ecosystem.


Utopia is a truly unique product for Internet users sick of censorship. If you are one of them or just want a safe multifunctional space to surf the web, communicate, and conduct transactions, be sure to register on this platform for free today and start enjoying all its benefits.

By Mikael Virtanen

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