The 10 African Countries With the Highest Fuel Prices


Fuel prices the world over are skyrocketing as the Russia-Ukraine conflict draws on and continues to impact a world economy already weakened from COVID-19. Developing nations in Africa, already under immense strain, must new deal with heightened petrol, diesel, and kerosene prices as well as increasing inflation rates that are being seen the world over.

The following is a list of the 10 African countries, including island nations around Africa, that have the highest current fuel prices. The data used to inform this list is derived from, a site that tabulates and records the consumer energy prices for countries all over the world.

The site tracks the retail prices of motor fuel, electricity, and natural gas in over 150 countries, with data collected and cross-checked by the site’s staff in each respective country using multiple sources, with no automation. The website also monitors changes to taxes and regulations in terms of energy prices.

This list takes into account the price in USD of octane-95 gasoline (petrol) and diesel per litre at the pump (retail levels). All the data specified has been recorded on 20.06.2022.

The 10 African countries with the most expensive fuel:

10. Senegal

Petrol Price – $1.42

Diesel Price – $1.05

9. Zambia

Petrol Price – $1.47

Diesel Price – $1.51

8. Uganda

Petrol Price – $1.51

Diesel Price – $1.51

7. Lesotho

Petrol Price – $1.51

Diesel Price – $1.53

6. South Africa

Petrol Price – $1.49

Diesel Price – $1.56

5. Mauritius

Petrol Price – $1.65

Diesel Price – $1.21

4. Zimbabwe

Petrol Price – $1.62

Diesel Price – $1.65

3. Morocco

Petrol Price – $1.67

Diesel Price – $1.46

2. Cabo Verde

Petrol Price – $1.82

Diesel Price – $1.47

1. Seychelles

Petrol Price – $1.90

Diesel Price – $1.93

The island nation of Seychelles has the most expensive fuel prices of any country considered African, according to, at nearly 2$ per litre. The country of Cabo Verde has the most expensive fuel prices of any country in Africa that is not an island.

By Luis Monzon
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