Why TikTok Outlived all the Other Social Media Platforms & What’s Next?


The social media sphere consists not only of the big platforms such as Instagram and Facebook (and TikTok) but of many other small websites that tend to become forgotten and abandoned pretty quickly. Why is it happening and why TikTok survived this contest and now is thriving, being a huge multimillion platform where new users register every single hour? There is a clear answer to this question and we will be bringing it up in this article.

Have you heard of the clip thinking phenomenon yet? It is a condition of the mind when information is perceived best in the first 8 seconds – let it be a text or a photo or a clip. It is easy to guess that texts are harder to fit in this situation, and videos and photos suit best; and between clips and pictures short clips certainly win because of the information’s density. A video can put forward pictures, music, text and some additional meaning – and this is exactly what users on TikTok are able to do with their videos. They can pack lots of information in a 30 second (or less) clip and spread it around the world. Quite helpful, when you want to gain an audience that sticks to this mind phenomenon, isn’t it?

Clip thinking is characteristic not only for young people and children – it is inherent in everyone who spends a lot of time on the Internet and contacts a lot of information every day. We are driven to it by the need to search out the necessary passages in the mountains of information and apply them in practice – unfortunately, today you can find garbage and useful information online in a ratio of about 50 to 50 percent.

Therefore, TikTok has become a haven for everyone who wants to learn something new/funny/useful/interesting as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible; his videos allow you to do this every day without straining your brain. Therefore, if you want to develop your business / hobby online or just find a community of people who share your interests and views on life, it would be very wise to think about developing a page in TikTok. Today, the largest number of active Internet users are concentrated here, who willingly give feedback and communicate with each other and with content creators. Nevertheless, it will be quite difficult to quickly find an audience, since there are already a large number of people around who have attracted a lot of attention. How can this be done without wasting effort?

In fact, there are several useful tools that allow you to quickly find an audience: one of them is a chance to buy TikTok followers and other useful features that will create the appearance of a developed and successful account. This is a psychological trick that literally all SMM managers rely on – if you want content to be viewed more and more often, you need to make it seem interesting and frequently viewed. People are still guided by the number of views and likes when choosing what they should watch and what not. Even though many social networks try to hide them, people still try to catch something that will indicate the success of a particular page on the network.

Therefore, if you need to quickly make subs appear on your page, this is a very good trick – use and do not neglect the opportunity to save your time and effort. If it seems to you that it may be risky, just check the quality of the services you are going to buy. Followers should be real and should not consist of bots and fakes: this will only harm the statistics of your page. In fact, people who say that such a service can be dangerous mean exactly that – perhaps once they themselves became victims of scammers who use bots for promotion.

TikTok is a unique case in the world of social media and we strongly recommend that you pay attention to it. Here you will be able to discover for yourself (and your business, if there is one) unique opportunities in terms of interaction with the audience and development, so it’s always a good idea to start a page here and start working on its success and fame.

By Staff Writer.

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