Startup Launches Virtual Community Parliament for South Africans


Kleva Bucks, a tech startup founded by Lucky Kgwadi, a 31-year-old tech entrepreneur and Innovator, has launched a virtual community parliament for South Africans.

The platform is called Community Assembly, the virtual community parliament that consists of local ward councilors, community leaders, and the general community.

Kgwadi says the project was created as a result of continuous protests, poor service delivery, failure to address community issues, and lack of communication or interaction between the community and its leaders. He says the platform is aimed at holding leaders accountable for their responsibilities, direct communication, and interaction with the community.

“We aim to provide a service that will create calm and addresses community issues at ease,” Kgwadi says.

The tech entrepreneur emphasises that it is essential for the government to adapt to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) because we live in a digital world and technology is the future.

The platform connects community members and leaders in a calm environment enabling both to interact and find solutions to different challenges facing the community. Community Assembly acts independently from any political party and has no affiliations, Kgwadi says. He adds that the platform is for the public benefit and speed-up service delivery.

“Digitizing government departments will definitely improve service delivery, it will enhance the interaction of the government and the citizens of the country,” Kgwadi told IT News Africa.

Ward councilors can create profiles, which enables them to create their own community parliament within 3 minutes and send invitations to other community leaders.

The platform also allows members to create profiles and choose their respective community parliament. Finally, they will receive a password to access the parliament and be able to raise community issues and interact with their leaders in real-time.

“This is a work-in-progress, yes we are continuously improving the platform. Our platform creates an environment that enables the community to be part of all decision-making processes by the leaders. An environment for leaders to lead from the ground,” he said.

Edited by Zintle Nkohla 

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