African Union Unveils New Digital Vaccination Platforms


The African Union launched two main flagship initiatives at the Boma 2022 event: the African Vaccine Passport and eHealth backbone and a digital platform for accelerating the implementation of the AfCFTA.

The African Vaccine Passport allows every African Union citizen to acquire free digital proof of their vaccinations that can be verified around the world utilising the PanaBIOS and UNDP-backed Global Haven mechanisms.

The digital platform, called the AfCFTA Hub, interconnects national, regional and private digital applications together to boost the ability of SMEs to expand their business and/or export their products across Africa through improved logistics, networking of retail outlets, integration of fintechs and brand development support.

Financing is provided through the affiliated AfCFTA Caravan Initiative. Every SME or startup in the African Union is now entitled to a free AfCFTA Number following the launch.

There is also a supply chain component called, ProPer, for managing the potential negative side effects of the AfCFTA trade liberalisation scheme such as dumping, smuggling, and counterfeiting.

Edited by Zintle Nkohla 

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