FNB Launches New Wireless LTE Data Deals & More


FNB, one of the largest banks in South Africa, has announced the launch of a range of new products including a new range of wireless LTE data deals through FNB Connect, as well as digital learning products, a method to book bus trips, a partnership with fine dining and entertainment company and smart home products through Ring and Xiaomi.

The full range of new products from FNB is as follows:

  • FNB Connect: Wireless LTE plans

New LTE data offers are available as a Top Up plan on a month-to-month basis for retail and select business customers.

The plans provide larger volumes of data to power customers’ needs for entertainment, education, gaming, work, and collaboration while on the go, at home, or at a place of business.

Customers can use this data in a Smart device (phone or tablet), MiFi (mobile Wi-Fi), or router.

FNB Connect wireless LTE plans include:

  • 5GB at R89 ($5.32) per for individual customers, R84 ($5.02) for business clients
  • 10GB at R139 ($8.31) for individual customers, R130 ($7.77) for business clients
  • 20GB at R199 ($11.90) for individual customers, R190 ($11.36) for business clients
  • 30GB at R299 ($17.88) for individual customers, R280 ($16.75) for business clients
  • 50GB at R449 ($26.84) for individual customers, R420 ($25.12) for business clients
  • Extramarks

Extramarks is a complimentary subscription service for interactive learning support from Grade R to 12 students valued at over R2000 ($120). Customers can activate this service under eBucks on the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps.

  • BiB

Another e-learning offering, customers can now use the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps to subscribe to an audio library with an exhaustive selection of authentic African books and audio series for just R159.99 ($9.60) per month.

The offer also includes an exchange of 1-4 titles, and users can download their favourite content for a leisurely experience. Payment can be in Rands or eBucks, with an average book price of R250 (14.94) and even less for children’s books.

Additionally, customers get free access to an audio graphic series of literary sketches by renowned author, James-Brent Styan, paying tribute to 100 fearless South African women on their journey to success.

The service is available under the eBucks tab on the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps, and the first 30,000 subscribers will receive one free title.

  • QuickBus

The addition of QuickBus to the travel options on the FNB or RMB Private Bank apps gives customers, their families, and their businesses the convenience to compare, book, and pay for bus trips with major bus operators across the African continent via a trusted platform.

QuickBus offers trips across 6,500 African destinations with over 100 bus operators, and customers can pay in ZAR, save money by paying with eBucks, or use a combination of ZAR and eBucks.


FNB has a longstanding relationship with ENTERTAINER, a ‘Buy ONE and get ONE free’ provider of dining, restaurants, and various other entertainment offerings.

To provide customers with added value and convenience, they will now be able to register, view and activate their restaurant ENTERTAINER deals on the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps.

  • FNB Connect: ‘Smart Home Deals’

The ‘Smart Home Deals’ on the FNB App are now made possible by a partnership between FNB Connect and Ring, a provider of high-tech home security solutions and accessories, as well as electronics brand Xiaomi.

To access the ‘Smart Home Deals’, customers click on Product Shop on the FNB App and go to Connect Shop.

“These new solutions and partnerships are part of our ongoing effort to provide more value to our customers,” says Raj Makanjee, CEO of FNB Retail.

“We’re encouraged to continue adding even more value to customers who have a relationship with us. Our success in this regard has earned us international recognition with eBucks named the best in the world for the use of technology across all loyalty programmes,” concludes Makanjee.

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