Should you invest in the JSE Top 40 Index?


The FTSE/JSE Africa Index Series is designed to offer investors a complete and complementary series of indexes that measure the performance of the key capital and industrial categories of the South African market. These indexes should provide investors with information on performing South African firms.

  • The FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index comprises the forty largest companies from the FTSE/JSE All-Share Index. These forty businesses are ranked based on their investable market worth. Individual companies are selected and assigned weights to make the index appropriate for investing.
  • To ensure that the index may be traded, the liquidity of stocks is evaluated.
  • Transparency is provided by constructing the index using a rules-based mechanism. On the FTSE Russell website, you may get a copy of the Index Rules for free.
  • The index is produced in real-time and at the end of the trading day using price and total return methodologies.

Is JSE Top 40 index a good buy?

Even though its 40 components represent less than 10 percent of the approximately 400 companies listed on the JSE, they account for over 80 percent of the exchange’s overall market value. As a result, the JSE Top 40 Index is often viewed as a reliable indicator or benchmark of the larger South African stock market.

Because of a variety of circumstances, including the commencement of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, widespread worldwide inflation, and a hawkish approach regarding global interest rates, the price performance of the JSE Top 40 Index in 2022 was marked by a high degree of volatility.

What are the most profitable methods for investing in the JSE Top 40 index?

If you are interested in learning how to invest in the JSE Top 40 index, you should be acquainted with the businesses included in the index, since the price of the index is decided by performing those companies.

Larger market capitalization firms have a stronger influence on the total index than smaller market capitalization firms and vice versa. This is because the index components are weighted based on their respective market capitalizations.

Because the top ten companies account for nearly 60 percent of the JSE Top 40, perhaps they have a greater impact on the general direction of the index than all other companies combined. If you are considering investing in the JSE Top 40, familiarize yourself with these 10 companies, both their previous performance and their future expectations.

Let’s look at the five most valued companies inside the JSE Top 40 index.

1.     AB InBev:

AB InBev shares are available for purchase via a primary listing on the Brussels Stock Exchange. In 2016, the firm also got a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The firm became the most valued company on the JSE, with a market capitalization of $94.78 Billion; the 133th most valuable firm worldwide.

2.     BAT:

BAT has a long history as one of the leading firms in the tobacco sector and will maintain this position in the foreseeable future. BAT is the acronym for British American Tobacco. Profits and the share price of BAT have improved throughout the years as a direct consequence of the company’s expansive worldwide reach and extensive product diversity, both of which are continuously being developed.

3.     SABMiller:

The live online stock chart illustrates that SABMiller’s share price has a history of significant gains. This results from the company’s ability to generate large sales and profit growth year over year. SABMiller’s share of the informal alcohol market in Africa and Latin America has increased because of its capacity to increase the availability of beers at more affordable costs.

4.     Naspers:

The company’s success may be attributed to its massive international investments, most notably its 34 percent stake in the Chinese internet powerhouse Tencent. Because of its global diversification and its existing sound position in South African media, the company is also gaining from the fall of the rand. The most recent financial data showed that Naspers’ many web and video entertainment companies were making progress.

5.     Glencore:

Glencore is now the largest ferrochrome producer in the world and the main exporter of South African thermal coal. Glencore is also the leading exporter of thermal coal from South Africa. When the company was still known as Glencore International, it had already established itself as one of the world’s most successful manufacturers and dealers of integrated commodities.

Last Words: Always Monitor the United States’ top indices.

There is a strong association between the performance of other important worldwide stock indices and the sentiment of global traders. This is notably true for the most widely used indexes in the United States, such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq. US indexes continue trading for a considerable length of time after the JSE’s trading day has concluded. The performance of US indexes during these hours may be indicative of how the JSE Top 40 will trade the following morning when it reopens.

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