Want to Be a Cybersecurity Expert? Kaspersky is Now Offering an Online Course


Developed by Kaspersky’s own cybersecurity specialists, the course aims to help businesses enhance or even build a security operations centre (SOC) from scratch – and improve SOC and security team skills in threat hunting, incident detection and investigation.

The course guides the audience through the SOC structure, threat intelligence, and relevant attacks. The on-demand format and virtual hands-on labs allow training at the student’s own pace.

“Enterprises need to bridge the expertise gap and increase the effectiveness of their security operations. While the question of additional investment is always sensitive, online education may be the solution to achieve their goals. Keeping in mind this business challenge, we developed a bunch of expert training courses on threat hunting, incident response and malware analysis along with this new one,” comments Sergey Soldatov, Head of Kaspersky SOC.

These SOC expertise challenges are well-known for any enterprise: a shortage of staff, knowledge and skills. Raising professionalism is relevant for businesses and individuals – to improve cyber defence and move up the career ladder.

But when it comes to enterprise security operations and threat hunting, it is important to rely on content from proven experts in the industry.

The ‘Security Operations and Threat Hunting’ is the new course in the Kaspersky Expert Training portfolio. It offers a comprehensive guide on the subject by highly experienced course leaders, including the head of Kaspersky SOC, the head of Kaspersky SOC Consulting, and a SOC analyst and researcher.

In addition to the security operations centre’s structure, expert roles, processes, and tools the training focuses on modern attacks’ tactics, techniques and procedures for Windows, Linux and networks, and how to deal with them.

Attacks such as Windows credentials dumping and exploitation through services, Golden and Silver tickets, Linux capabilities abuse, spoofing are covered and many more.

Users will gain a clear understanding of the SOC as part of cyber defence strategy, as well as learn how to plan and organise security monitoring and use threat intelligence services, detect and investigate malicious activity with the ELK stack. This knowledge and skills will be relevant to any specialist involved in security operations and threat hunting, including SOC professionals with both middle and advanced levels of expertise.

The training provides six-month access to the course and 100 hours of hands-on labs. Students can take it when and wherever they like within six months after access code activation.

“Kaspersky expert training brings together our recent expertise and the convenient on-demand format so students can combine the education process with their work duties. The course also helps individual experts improve personal skills to unlock more career opportunities,” Soldatov says.

To learn more about Kaspersky Expert Training, please visit the website. Registration for the ‘Security Operations and Threat Hunting’ course is available through this link.

By Staff Writer.

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