ICT Skills Registry Launches in South Africa


The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), in partnership with the Wireless Access Providers Association of South Africa (WAPA) and the Wireless Application Service Provider Association (WASPA), announces the launch of phase 1 of the ICT Skills Registry, a searchable database that contains the profiles and skill sets of candidates seeking a career path in the ICT industry.

The Skills Registry is an ICT sector-based initiative aligned with the National Skills Development Programme, as it is primarily designed to provide an entry point for younger job seekers to obtain skills development through internship or learnership programmes.

“It is a critical priority for South African ICT companies to nurture nascent talent in the sector now or risk a chronic lack of human capital constraining growth later on,” says Aurora Vani, Chairperson of ISPA’s Social Development working group.

Registered candidates will be able to upload their CVs, provide a compelling motivation outlining their aptitude and experience, and go through a questionnaire to select their ICT skills and interests. Companies wishing to provide internships, learnerships, or full-time employment opportunities will be able to search the database by specific ICT application or job description, and also by geographic location to find candidates in their proximity.

“We are very excited to be launching this ICT skills development portal which provides potential employers with a simple and intuitive faceted search engine to locate nearby candidates matching their skills and demographic profile requirements. The Skills Registry will go a long way towards providing skills development and employment opportunities in the ICT sector,” concludes Ms Vani.

Applicants with an intermediate or advanced level of IT skills and experience, aspiring to become professionals in the ICT sector or looking for industry exposure in order to complete their studies through internship or learnership programmes provided by the Skills Registry, should visit https://skillsregistry.org.za/.

By Staff Writer.

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