Betway Betting App Review: Advantages and disadvantages


Mobile applications of betting services are important for players. An interesting option is the betway app. Let’s analyze its work, advantages, and technical characteristics.

Mobility is the main goal of a modern and successful man. Customer-oriented betting companies support the wishes of customers in this matter, thus offering their solution to always stay in touch using the betway app. Consider the advantages and prospects for the development of this direction.

How to download Betway App

Since this company has good reviews and many different sporting events, it has a large audience of players. No wonder so many wants to cooperate with this company. Therefore, users are often looking for information on how best to download the application and work through it.

It’s very easy to download Betway app. All players need to do is:

  • go to the company’s website through your mobile phone;
  • select the download application function in the menu;
  • the site will generate the required file depending on the operating system of the smartphone;
  • create your account in the application;
  • make the deposit;
  • make the first bet.

It may seem like there are a lot of steps. The procedure takes a few minutes and there is nothing complicated in it. It only takes a little effort and even a beginner can download the application.

How do download Betway Android App?

For betway customers, downloading the betway app for South Africa is quick and easy. All they need to do is:

  1. open the website from a smartphone;
  2. click on the download application button;
  3. wait for the download to complete and install the application (the file is a little over 2 MB, so it will load quickly);
  4. enter information about yourself (name and date of birth);
  5. enter a contact phone number and e-mail;
  6. come up with a password;
  7. activate an account;
  8. make a deposit;
  9. make the first bet.

It is important to remember that if you already have an account, then you should not create another one, because then you can lose access to both accounts.

Android smartphone requirements

For the player to work safely, he needs to enter the password and login of the betway app. Only after that, you can fully work with the application. For players with Android-based smartphones, you need to remember that their gadget must be at least version 2.0. Otherwise, the application cannot be installed.

The file itself will take up little space (less than 2.5 MB). Therefore, it will not have a strong impact on the workload of the smartphone. However, the advantages of this application are much greater, because such a file is a source of your earnings.

Installing the iOS App

To install the betway app, the user needs to follow the same steps as when installing on Android. Players only:

  1. open the betway website;
  2. click on download the application;
  3. download it for free and install it on your smartphone;
  4. create an account (enter first name, login, last name, contact information and create a password);
  5. activate an account;
  6. place bets and earn money.

For iOS, the application weighs less than 20 MB. Therefore, its installation is even faster. Downloading the application is completely safe because the player is redirected from the site to the AppStore, where he downloads a safe application.

iOS smartphone requirements

To be able to download the betway app from the AppStore seamlessly, users need to remember that their gadget must meet the minimum requirements. Many applications are written for certain models. For players with smartphones from iOS, gadgets must be at least iPhone 4.

Only with such a gadget you can easily place bets and increase your income.

The application itself takes up little space (less than 20 MB). Therefore, it will not have a significant impact on the functioning of smartphone systems.

Download the App for other platforms

The above two platforms are the most popular in the world. However, there is an audience that uses smartphones of a different type. But they also want to install the betway apk and make money through their smartphone.

Unfortunately, such players will not be able to install the application from this betting company. However, Betway representatives offer them the opportunity to work through the online version of the site.

To do this, they only need to go to the site and enter their login and password online. After that, synchronization with the main account occurs. Further, the player simply makes bets from the smartphone as if he worked through a PC.

Betway mobile version

The mobile online version of the site is a very convenient way for players to work from different smartphones. Users only need to download the bookmaker page to their phones. The online version of the betway mobile service is as convenient as the app itself. The picture is the same as if the site was opened through a PC. At the same time, the quality of information on the site does not deteriorate but adapts to the expansion of your smartphone. This is very convenient and users can work with the mobile version.

Some people mistakenly think that the odds for sports events through the site are better than through the application. They are identical. Therefore, it does not matter to players whether to work through the online version of the site or the application. Everyone should choose the option that is more convenient for him.

Application VS online version of the site

For many players, it is important to understand where it is better to place bets – through the online version of the site or using the mobile application. In this case, each player must decide which method is suitable for him. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, which are described in the table below.


Version  Advantages Disadvantages
Mobile online version Can be used with any smartphone

No installation of third-party programs is required;

All functions are the same as on the PC.


The menu and site tools are not formed in the most convenient font;

In case of technical problems, the site cannot be used.

Application Installation takes no more than 5 minutes;

Convenient font and design;

The app is easy to navigate and operate.

You need to download programs;

The design is different from the design of the site but at the same time the most convenient.



Before deciding how to work for yourself, study this table, and then you can choose the option that suits you best.

Should I download this app?

When studying the applications of other companies, you can see that most users are ready to install the betway app. The main advantages of their application are:

  • modern design;
  • small size of the download file;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • access to video broadcasting of sports events;
  • variety of odds.

Unfortunately, the application has only one minor drawback – the need to update the application regularly.

Other companies also have disadvantages, but Betway has only one, and is it a disadvantage? Users should try to install the application of this company and make a few bets through it. Moreover, in the event of a DDOS attack or technical problems on the site, players will always have alternative access to their accounts. Therefore, do not think long, install the application from Betway and make money with the help of this company.

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