Sunsetting 2G/3G: No User Left Behind


As the global 2G and 3G network sunset progresses, there is a need among operators to migrate users to a 4G network, retain those subscribers, and manage this transition without loss of revenues or market share.  With millions of subscribers currently on 2G and 3G networks in some parts of the world, transitioning these users to 4G is a daunting task for operators.  Radisys understands this need and has successfully ushered several operators through the same evolution all around the world.

Checklist for 2G/3G Subscriber Migration

To successfully transition 2G and 3G users and improve the customer experience, Radisys suggests that mobile network operators (MNOs) consider these factors when evaluating their ecosystem partners and business practices:

  1. Is there a cost effective 4G handset for users to transition to?
  2. Does the 4G device present a challenge for 2G or 3G users? How user-friendly is the new device? Will customers easily adapt to the newer handset?
  3. How durable is the new device? How long is the handset expected to last before a user needs to consider a replacement?
  4. In what ways does the 4G device improve the user experience?

These are all valid considerations that will determine the success of an MNO’s 2G and 3G migration strategy. An experienced vendor partner can help MNOs navigate this process with revenue assurance and customer satisfaction.

Having helped numerous operators through this transition, Radisys has developed a full suite of high-quality, affordably priced 4G handsets with a full spectrum of digital capabilities that will grow MNO revenues and elevate the customer experience. For example, the Radisys Reach Phone Lite is a white label feature phone with best-in-class components that is priced for the masses.  With a holistic approach toward revenue growth, Radisys offers MNOs an available buffet of applications and exclusive media bundles to further distinguish their brand and solidify consumer retention.

Delight customers with a cost-efficient, user-friendly, premium quality handset and a smooth process for transitioning and new customer acquisition. Choose ecosystem partners who can enable economical, feature packed 4G mobile phones that will elevate the user experience for your 2G and 3G subscriber base and make 4G accessible to everyone.

About Radisys

Radisys is a global leader in open telecom solutions, enabling service providers and operators to drive disruption with innovative solutions and customer delight at the core of its business practices.  Radisys has the expertise to solve complex communication and deployment challenges. Part of the Reliance Industries Limited and Jio Platforms Limited family of companies, Radisys employs proven best practices to help global customers outperform their competitors.

To learn more visit Radisys online at or contact to request a meeting.

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