A Secure Transformation: Vault Password Manager Reinforces User Safety through Cloud Fortification


Alpha Serve, Ukraine based leading software development company and Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner is excited to announce that its password management application for Jira, Vault Password Manager, has successfully achieved the esteemed Cloud Fortified status.

This significant achievement underscores their dedication to providing superior, enterprise-level security for users and addresses their most critical concerns regarding password management.

Vault Password Manager is an enterprise-grade application designed to secure passwords within Jira. With a strong emphasis on versatility and security, the solution facilitates the creation of both private and shared vaults, tailoring access to the unique requirements of any team or organization. Sharing critical credentials is simplified and secured, as Vaults can be effortlessly shared with the necessary Jira users or groups, eliminating traditional and insecure sharing methods via email or messenger. The AES-256 bit encryption also adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring complete security for all encrypted Vaults stored in your company’s Forge Storage.

Achieving Cloud Fortified status from Atlassian’s Marketplace security program showcases the advanced security measures that Alpha Serve has embedded into Vault Password Manager.

Cloud Fortified Status also provides enhanced visibility for Vault Password Manager, enabling users to quickly identify and choose it as a trusted and highly secure app for password management.

“The Cloud Fortified status signifies our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the security of our users,” said Anton Storozhuk, CEO at Alpha Serve. “This achievement will empower us to serve our customers even better, providing a secure and reliable solution for managing business-critical passwords.”

This recognition is another testament to the pioneering spirit at Alpha Serve, a Ukrainian software development company known for developing innovative apps for business software platforms such as Jira, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Shopify, and monday.com. Vault Password Manager, as the first cloud-based password manager for Jira, represents an important and exciting chapter in the company’s development journey. This release is not just a win for all Jira users who now have access to a truly unique and helpful tool, but it also marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge, secure solutions for businesses worldwide.

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