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CA Southern Africa, as a representative of Broadcom Software and a driving force behind the adoption of Symantec Enterprise Cloud (SEC) in South Africa’s enterprise market, unveils exciting developments following Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec in 2019. This acquisition strengthened Symantec’s 50-year history of innovation, focusing on areas crucial to its global client base, including compliance, integration, work-from-anywhere solutions, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

CA Southern Africa now reveals what lies ahead for this global leader. “In the coming years, Symantec products will seamlessly integrate not only with each other but also with leading third-party solutions, as the company refines and executes its vision for SEC,” says Michael Brink, CTO of CA Southern Africa. “Customers can anticipate the following advancements:

  • A unified Symantec agent that spans technologies, platforms, and environments, fulfilling a long-standing cybersecurity objective.
  • Consistent management of compliance, secure remote work, and comprehensive data and threat protection across the entire enterprise environment.
  • Upgraded capabilities delivered as part of existing licensing agreements.

Brink emphasizes that true innovation extends beyond niche product development and trendy cloud-only solutions favored by startups. Symantec, under Broadcom, not only covers the past and present but also paves the way for the future.

“A broader perspective recognizes the various ways in which companies innovate: through acquisitions, thought leadership, aligning solutions with customer requirements, and shaping the business and regulatory landscapes. Throughout its history, Symantec has remained at the forefront of all these forms of innovation in cybersecurity,” he adds.

As a division of Broadcom, Symantec continues to innovate its products, business models, and community efforts to serve its customers better.

“Consolidation holds the key to simplicity, efficient management, consistent compliance, improved user experience, and effective utilization of both internal logs and external intelligence data. SEC delivers all of this and is available at a simple, per-user annual pricing that covers Endpoint, Network, Information, and Email Security solutions enterprise-wide,” concludes Brink.


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