Meet Africa’s Four Groundbreaking Engineering Innovation Prize Finalists


Revolutionary minds from across Africa gear up for the ultimate showdown as four brilliant innovators take center stage in the prestigious Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2023.

Four trailblazers are set to captivate with their ingenious creations. Founded by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering in 2014, this groundbreaking competition offers a jaw-dropping £25,000 prize.

First up, we have an electrical engineer from Nigeria (Chukwumeka Eze) who has unleashed the power of electrifying mobility- ‘Revive Kit’. a modular e-mobility service used to convert a gas-powered 3-wheeled motorbikes to run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Picture this: a motorbike converted into an electrified wonder, zooming past the streets with zero emissions. This green-tech marvel is not just transforming transportation, but also shaping a sustainable future for all.

“With surging fuel prices in Africa, the Revive Kit aims to be part of the solution. Too many drivers are spending over 60% of their revenue on petrol and maintenance; we aim to deliver an affordable and sustainable transport system which is environmentally friendly.”

Second up is a  South African biomedical engineer ( Edmund Wessels)  an extraordinary mind that has developed ‘FlexiGyn’  a battery-powered portable device that enables gynecologists to diagnose & treat a woman’s uterus without any anesthetic.

This innovative device offers more comfortability and efficient experience for both patients and healthcare providers, ”We’ve developed a system that aims to improve women’s health through better point-of-care diagnostics.  Designed for both the physician and patient, our solution is an intuitive, user-friendly device that is more comfortable for the patient thanks to its flexible design.”

All the way from Tanzania,(Gibson Kawago) is an electrical engineer who has harnessed the power of recycling and renewable energy with WAGA PAWA. A rechargeable power source crafted from recycled lithium-ion batteries.

“WAGA Power Packs provide low-carbon power to homes and allow businesses to keep operating after sundown. Depending on the size of the battery and its purpose, it can provide electricity for anywhere from thirteen hours to one month. We are striving to change the lives of Tanzanians, particularly those in resource-scarce rural areas.”

This remarkable invention not only breathes new life into discarded batteries but also electrifies communities, bringing light and hope to those who need it most.

Last but certainly not least, hailing all the way from Uganda, a software engineer built a local digital security network (YUNGA), dedicated to community safety. This cutting-edge creation utilizes the power of technology to safeguard neighborhoods, connecting residents and authorities in real time.

“I developed YUNGA after losing USD 1,300 worth of assets in a break-in, with little chance of the thieves being caught. We hope that with our household networks, communities will become harder targets for criminals. This will ensure safety, which in turn will create the space for economic activities to thrive.”

The Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation is not just a competition, but a celebration of brilliance, resilience, and impact in communities to form a network that can transform a continent.

As these four innovators gear up for the ultimate showdown, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of their life-changing inventions. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey through the realms of engineering, where creativity knows no bounds, and dreams become reality.”

The Royal Academy of Engineering encourages individuals and small teams in Sub-Saharan Africa with engineering innovations  to enter the ‘2024 AFRICA PRIZE for Engineering Innovation’. The deadline for entries is 25 July 2023 (4 pm).

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