Standard Bank and HUAWEI unlock New Digital Future


Standard Bank, a leading financial institution in South Africa, has joined forces with HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) in a strategic collaboration aimed at delivering cutting-edge digital banking solutions to its clients. Belinda Rathogwa, Executive Head of Digital and eCommerce for Personal and Private Banking at Standard Bank South Africa, recently shared valuable insights on this partnership.

Enhancing Digital Banking Experiences for Huawei Users

Rathogwa explains that the collaboration between Standard Bank and HUAWEI Mobile Services South Africa focuses on providing seamless digital banking experiences to clients accessing the Standard Bank banking app through Huawei devices.

Over the past three years, the two entities have closely worked together to integrate HMS capabilities, ensuring compatibility between the Standard Bank banking app and Huawei’s ecosystem.

As part of this collaboration, safety detect authentication has been implemented for clients using the app, and a universal app downloads campaign has been launched, extending the world of digital banking to over 300,000 Huawei users.

Enriching App Offerings in Huawei’s AppGallery

Huawei aims to build a robust app ecosystem that offers a diverse range of apps for its users. Collaborations with established organizations like Standard Bank are instrumental in expanding the app offerings on the AppGallery and enhancing the overall user experience.

HMS partners, including Standard Bank, are provided with resources, tools, technical support, and incentives to build and optimize their apps for HUAWEI devices.

The Convenience of Mobile Banking

Rathogwa emphasizes the convenience of mobile banking, allowing users to access the Standard Bank app on their devices. Users can enjoy various services, including checking credit scores, opening savings accounts, and purchasing airtime, data, or electricity through the app.

Driving Growth and Development in Africa

Standard Bank recognizes the pivotal role of technology in driving Africa’s growth and development.

With many clients accessing the Standard Bank banking app through Huawei devices, partnering with Huawei to provide digital banking solutions became essential.

The partnership with Huawei South Africa presents an opportunity to foster growth and development in Africa.

Expanding Opportunities for Banking Institutions

Huawei Mobile Services has successfully forged strategic partnerships with prominent banking apps in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, including ADCB, ENBD, FAB, Mashreq, ADIB, Standard Chartered Bank UAE, Alrajhi bank, SNB bank, Riyadh bank, Alinma bank, and SAB bank.

These collaborations have opened up new avenues for these esteemed banking institutions to reach a wider audience of Huawei users.

They signify the shared commitment of Huawei Mobile Services and the banking apps to deliver innovative solutions and elevate the banking experience for customers in the region.

Together, they are redefining the landscape of digital banking by offering seamless and advanced services tailored to the needs of Huawei users.

In conclusion, the partnership between Standard Bank and HUAWEI Mobile Services South Africa is set to revolutionize digital banking in the region, providing enhanced experiences and convenience for Huawei users.

By leveraging Huawei’s app ecosystem and resources, Standard Bank aims to deliver innovative solutions and contribute to the growth and development of Africa’s digital banking landscape.

// By Belinda Rathogwa, Executive Head: Digital and eCommerce for Personal and Private Banking, Standard Bank South Africa

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