Metrowatt Opens First Walk-in Solar Centre In Parkhurst


Solar power and alternative energy specialist Metrowatt is redefining the concept of customer service in the energy sector with the opening of its first walk-in Solar Centre in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. 

Reflecting Metrowatt’s commitment to resolving domestic energy challenges, the Solar Centre allows consumers to interact directly with energy experts, derive optimal savings, and access customised alternative energy solutions suited to their unique needs. 

Metrowatt is part of the Myriad Capital Group, which was founded 23 years ago by Chairman Greg Wilson.

“Over the years, we have committed ourselves to overcoming many of the connectivity challenges facing South African businesses and consumers.  We see the establishment of Metrowatt and the Solar Centre as similarly being able to resolve many of the energy issues facing the country,” Wilson says. 

Centre for Customer-Centric Solutions

Located in 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, the Metrowatt Solar Centre embodies the company’s ethos of customer-centric solutions.

It offers consumers a hands-on approach to understanding their household energy consumption patterns so that they can select the best solar power and battery solution for their needs.

“Ongoing load shedding, uncertainty of power supply, tariff volatility as well as load limiting are forcing South Africans to re-evaluate their energy consumption habits,” says David Neale, CEO of Metrowatt. 

“Our walk-in Solar Centre provides the support and insights necessary for customers to navigate these complexities and transition towards a more cost-effective energy utilisation.”

Supporting a Smart Energy Future

According to Neale, the future of energy usage is undergoing a significant paradigm shift. He envisions a “smart energy future”, where energy usage is managed economically and aligned to availability.

“Metrowatt’s tailored solutions, including inverters, battery systems, and solar, coupled with our smart energy solutions and flexible rental and purchasing options, allow customers to balance their power needs and optimise their energy consumption for maximum savings.” 

Partnering with the Parkhurst Community

Parkhurst was chosen for the location of Metrowatt’s inaugural Solar Centre because it has a close-knit community and a history of neighbourhood collaboration, which align with Metrowatt’s values of innovation and partnership.

Neale concludes, “This venture into the Parkhurst community with our Solar Centre is an exciting milestone for us.

We are committed to partnering with the community to improve services such as traffic lights and lighting up dark and common areas in the Parks, starting with a donation of R50 000 to the Parkhurst Residents And Business Owners Association (PRABOA) and surrounding communities. 

Metrowatt looks forward to keeping the lights on by supporting our community and providing the best solar energy solutions to our customers.”

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