SAMRO Appoints Leanne Thomas as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


The Southern Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is delighted to announce the appointment of Leanne Thomas as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Following an extensive search that considered both internal and external candidates, the SAMRO Board has chosen Thomas to fill this vital role. Nicholas Maweni, Chairperson of the SAMRO Board, expressed his satisfaction with this decision.

Having been serving as the acting CFO since the departure of John Scullion, SAMRO’s former CFO, whose contract concluded on April 30, 2023, Thomas now assumes the official position. With her appointment, SAMRO’s executive committee (EXCO) is now composed entirely of women, encompassing the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer roles as well. This distinctive composition sets SAMRO apart as a singular company in South Africa.

The SAMRO Board recognizes the significance of succession planning, along with the necessity for experience and a steadfast commitment to women’s empowerment, in ensuring financial stability and expansion. After thorough deliberation, the Board has concluded that Ms. Leanne Thomas, who has dedicated over a decade to SAMRO, is the most fitting candidate for the role.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours from the University of Johannesburg and is a Chartered Accountant (CA) SA. Over her tenure at SAMRO, Thomas has consistently demonstrated her value as a key member of the finance team, progressively advancing from the role of Financial Accountant to Group Financial Manager in 2013, and subsequently to Senior Group Financial Manager in 2019.

Maweni acknowledges the significant role played by Thomas in fulfilling one of the Board’s enduring commitments—promoting internal growth and addressing gender imbalances in the music industry.

Furthermore, the intricate financial arrangements between SAMRO and license holders necessitate a capable and seasoned financial leader, underscoring Thomas’s suitability for the role. Her profound understanding of SAMRO’s business model and stakeholders, coupled with her institutional acumen, positions her as an impeccable match.

The SAMRO Board extends its best wishes to Thomas as she undertakes this challenging role and holds unwavering confidence in her ability to persistently contribute to SAMRO’s strategic objectives.

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