5 Factors Behind Charger Overheating & What To Do About It


Experiencing a slight warmth from your smartphone charger during charging is completely normal. However, it should never become uncomfortably hot to the touch. When it does, it’s an indication that something is amiss, and addressing the issue promptly is crucial.

An excessively hot charger has the potential to diminish the lifespan of your phone’s battery and other vital components. While the likelihood of a heated charger posing a fire hazard is low, it’s a consideration worth keeping in mind.

TCL explores some prevalent reasons behind chargers overheating and provides insights into potential remedies.

1. Incompatible or Unofficial Charger: Among the primary culprits for charger overheating is the use of an incorrect charger or cable for your device. Chargers specifically designed for your phone are calibrated to deliver the precise amount of required power. Conversely, unofficial or incompatible chargers often fall short in this aspect. In particular, low-cost unofficial chargers are susceptible to overheating issues.

2. Defective Charger: Although uncommon, chargers can occasionally exhibit defects or arrive with flaws. A malfunction in the charger might render it incapable of managing the power or voltage coursing through it, leading to overheating. The risk of defects is higher in older chargers due to normal wear and tear.

3. Damaged Cable: A damaged cable can contribute to charger overheating. Visible signs of damage might include exposed wires or tears in the plastic casing. An effective troubleshooting step involves testing the charger with an alternate cable to determine if the overheating persists.

4. Charging in a Hot Environment: Placing your charger under direct sunlight on a scorching summer day while charging your phone might cause the charger to run hot.

5. Extended Charging Periods: Allowing your phone to charge continuously throughout the day or overnight can lead to charger overheating. Persistent overcharging of your phone may also result in eventual battery damage.

Preventing Charger Overheating

Mitigating the risk of an overheating charger is often as straightforward as utilizing the officially recommended charger tailored to your smartphone’s make and model. Moreover, exercising caution against overcharging your phone and minimizing cable manipulation can contribute to a safer charging experience.

Ensuring your charger remains in optimal condition, maintaining cleanliness in charging ports and cable connections and employing the charger in a well-ventilated, cool environment all serve as effective measures to avert overheating issues.

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