Celebrating The Voices of Women Who Power the Fintech World


As we commemorate National Women’s Day in South Africa, it remains crucial to continue striving for a gender-equal workplace in the financial technology sector. Verto, a global fintech firm, proudly celebrates the voices of women powering the fintech industry this August.

In a series of interviews, the women at Verto shared their experiences working in fintech and emphasized the importance of providing opportunities and empowering women to pursue careers in the fintech industry. Sophie Proctor, Verto’s Content Manager based in England, stated, “I’ve sought inspiration from female leaders to enhance my professional growth and learned to use my voice to drive innovation and impact for fintech.”

Elizabeth Masi, based in Kenya, expressed, “What I would tell my younger self is: With dedication, hard work, and a positive mindset, what once seemed impossible can become a reality.” Kusumika Nagar, based in India, added, “Since joining the Fintech industry with Verto, I feel I have excelled, unleashing skill sets I didn’t know I had, and I hope to achieve even more!”

With its sights set on the vast landscape of African talent, the brand has embarked on a mission to spotlight some of South Africa’s most dynamic women in business and tech. These women aren’t merely thriving in their spaces; they’re revolutionizing them, ushering in an era where diversity isn’t just a checkbox but the core essence of success for their businesses.

Ola Oyetayo, co-founder of Verto, affirms, “We’re more than just a brand. At Verto, we’re a testament to the potential that stems from diverse roots and perspectives. We’re immensely proud to highlight the stories of our female team members and salute the South African women trailblazing the fintech business world.”

This vibrant journey has led to the recognition of names like Baratang Miya, Founder of Girlhype Women Who Code, Emma Dicks, Co-Founder of CodeSpace Academy, and Thato Schermer, Co-Founder of Zoie Health. The goal is to encourage more South African women to pursue their dreams and become the change-makers the world needs.

In a world rapidly digitizing, the value of human narratives remains irreplaceable. While celebrating Women’s Month this year, let’s recognize diverse women who make the business world brighter and bolder through the power of technology.

Let’s champion the women who are redefining fintech, today and every day.

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