Spotify’s DJ: Personalized AI Guide, Now in South Africa


Personalization remains at the heart of Spotify’s overarching mission. This central tenet finds its roots in the platform’s ability to deliver precisely tailored musical pieces, finely attuned to the current moment, while also having the potential to foster connections with upcoming favorite artists.

Effective immediately, Spotify is unveiling DJ in South Africa currently undergoing its Beta phase, to its esteemed Premium user base in South Africa. This debut heralds a significant stride forward in the realm of personalization, forging a deeper, more resonant bond between artists and their dedicated followers. This unveiling follows DJ’s impactful introduction earlier this year in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, igniting enthusiastic conversations across various social media platforms.

DJ operates as a personalized AI guide, intimately acquainted with users’ musical inclinations. This profound understanding empowers DJ to meticulously curate selections that harmonize with individual preferences. In its inaugural Beta iteration, DJ crafts an intricately tailored playlist, complemented by insightful commentaries on the featured tracks and artists, handpicked to resonate with each listener’s taste. These commentaries are presented through an astonishingly authentic and expressive vocal delivery.

The amalgamation of Spotify’s sophisticated personalization technology, generative AI capabilities, and dynamic, emotive voice culminates in an unparalleled level of personalized auditory engagement.

Spotify offers users the option to engage with English commentaries by Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships and pioneering voice model, introducing the DJ model with his distinctive voice.

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